Screening Equipment

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  • PZ Series Reject Separator

    PZ Series Reject Separator combines the function of paper defibering and impurities separating.Application & Features1. PZ series deslagging machine is an ideal equipment used for waste paper pulp in the processing of the tail pulp system.2. The slag discharge separator uses close type Learn More

  • ZSK Series Vibrating Screen

    ZSK Series Vibrating Screen, the impurity removal machine in pulp tailing processing is used for screening and removing various impurities in pulp suspension. Application & Features1. Device equipped with feeding diluted steady slurry box; Inlet pulp concentration flow is stable.2. Sie Learn More

  • Working Principle of NLS Inflow Pressure Screen

    NLS Inflow Pressure Screen is mainly used for fine screening before paper machine. The inflow screening equipment also has a slot screen basket. Automatic oil injection device, seal water detection alarm device of the pressure screen ensure the safe running of equipment Learn More

  • ZSF Series Hydrapurger

    ZSF Series Hydrapurger  is applied to remove impurities and little weighty impurities in pulverizing machine in the pulp-making process.Application & Feature1.  Compact structure, high efficiency and can be greatly simplified the process of waste paper, and let the equip Learn More

  • ZST Series Drum Screen

    ZST Series Drum Screen, rotary drum screen equipment for waste paper is applied to remove light impurity in the process of waste paper pulping.Application & Features1. Optimized helical blade and water spray system ensure the high purity of impurities and less loss of fiber.2. Simple structure, Learn More

  • FQJ Light Impurity Separator For Sale

    FQJ Light Impurity Separator, the apple screen is used to separate light impurities and tailing in coarse screening section.Application & Features1. The main body of Light Impurity Separator is an inverse conical design, concave top structure, can form a a strong vortex, forming a alow pressure Learn More

  • ZDF Series Single Fiber Separator

    Functions:1. Three fundamental functions: secondary defibering, separating light impurities, removing heavy and coarse impurities.2. With the defibrator in pulping process, it's possible to use the poor waste paper and reduce the pretreatment of the raw material.3. As a reject screen, fiber Learn More

  • ZDFD Series Single Effect Fiber Separator

    ZDFD Series Single Effect Fiber Separator machine equals to a combination of one sealed horizontal waterpower pulp thick liquid machine and one light & heavy impurity of removing the dregs device with compact structure and high effeciency.Application & Features1. Mainly u Learn More

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