Leizhan High Density Cleaner

# TYPE: Corrugated Paper Making TIME: 2017-08-02


    1. What's the pressure difference of the paper pulp slag cleaner?

    The pressure difference is about 0.05~0.1MPa, and the inlet pressure is 0.35MPa.

    2. How are the parameters of the high concentration slag remover converted, such as pressure difference, concentration and flow rate?

    The pressure difference is changed by adjusting the inlet and outlet valves of the pulp pump. The concentration is determined by the concentration of the previous process. And the flow is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the slurry pump of the high concentration slag remover( Customers are equipped with variable frequency control pump)

    3. Is the automatic deslagging valve included in the paper pulp cleaner?

    The cleaner for waste paper pulp from Leizhan is equipped with two automatic deslagging valves--Chinese best Linuo valve.

    4. What's the cone of the impurity cleaner equipment?

    The cone is in biconical structure, which has the strong ability to deslag heavy impurities. And the cone is thickening wear-resistant ceramic, the thickness is about 30MM, and it can service about 5 years.

    5. Does the cleaner equipment for pulp cleaning contain  PLC control cabinet?

    Leizhan supplies PLC control cabinetfor customers. The control cabinet is a connection between input and output that can be operated by manual mode. If remote, the customer can operate either DCS or PLC.

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