Coating Board Paper Machine

# TYPE: Paper Machine TIME: 2017-06-05


Main Specification

Paper GradeCoating Board Paper
Trimmed Width (mm)2400-6600
Basis Weight (g/m2)200-350
Operating Speed (m/min)200-600
Production Capacity (t/d)200-1400

Process Flow Diagram 

 Raw materials (waste paper)——pulper——vibrating sieve——pulp tank——pulp pump——bleach machine(thruster)——refiner machine——pulp tank——pulp pump——pressure sieve——pulp tank—— pulp pump——except sand machine——net box——cylinder——blanket——paper making machine——drying——roll paper——the big finished jumbo paper —— process machine

1.corrugated paper (rewinder machine——cutting paper machine——corrugated paper roll )

2. kraft paper (plate paper slitting machine ——  paper machine —— napkin paper) 


1. cylinder mould section: φ1000mm×1450mm stainless steel cylinder mould 1set, φ  300mm×1450mm couch roll 1set,coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness 38°C±2.

2. dryer section: φ 1500mm×1450mm alloy dryer can 1 set, 1group scraper knife.   φ 350mm×1450mm touch roll 1set, coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness 90°C±2.Mechanical loading device

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