Kraft Liner Board Machine

# TYPE: Paper Machine TIME: 2017-10-23


Net paper width of the Four Layer Paper Board Machine is 3700mm, which is mainly used to make kraft paper board. This paper machine is divided into the following part: headbox, fourdrinier wire section, press section,front drying part, sizing machine, post drying part, calendering part and reeling part. 

Main Parts of Kraft Liner Board Machine

Headbox: There are four sets of air cushioned headbox, which correspond to the surface layer wire, the liner wire, the core layer wire and the bottom layer wire respectively.

Drying Part: Φ1500/Φ1800 dryer, grouping transmission, equipped with carrier roll, dry mesh and closed air hood.

Slope Size Press: a Chrome-faced metal roller, a metal roller wrapped with glue. The prelum way of the  sizing machine is ripple pneumatic tyre prelum.

Calendering Section: Two roll calender, both the upper and lower rolls are metal rollers. The prelum way of the  sizing machine is ripple pneumatic tyre prelum.

Reeling Part: Pneumatic horizontal reeling machine, pressurized way is cylinder pressurization.

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