Breast Roller For Paper Mill

# TIME: 17_07-21


Function of Breast Roller

The breast roller is the first roll  in the paper machine, and is the beginning part of the wire table. One of its functions is to support the forming net. The shaping net changes direction on the breast roller, and the non working face of the forming net changes into the working face after the roller. In many cases, the breast roller is also a dewatering element in the net case, and the net paper can shed part or most of the water on the roller.

Structure of  Breast Roller

The roll should have enough rigidity to prevent the copper mesh from wrinkling. In order to reduce the copper net to drive the load of the chest roller, the quality of the chest roller should be light. The roller of middle and small speed low speed paper machine is no middle and high, and the roll of high speed paper machine is slightly high.

The breast roller should be checked by static balance and dynamic balance. In order to prevent the fiber block from entering between the breast roller and the copper net, the roller surface is provided with a plastic or a wooden scraper cleaning roller surface, and a cleaning surface of the water jet pipe is arranged between the chest roller and the lower lip plate. Usually, an extension board with the blade back, the white water into the first white tray.

The roller also has a dehydrating effect. Modern high speed paper machines use suction rolls to carry out strong dehydration. In this case, most of the water is removed by the breast roller.

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