Felt For Paper Mill

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In the modern paper machine,  the papermaking process can not be realized without  paper felt.  The press felt for paper making should be of good dehydration, smoothness, stain resistance, wear resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to injury, antibacterial, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance. The following are some important parameters of paper mill felt.

The Weight of The Felt

In papermaking process, felts for paper mill and wet paper in paper machine extruding pressure thickness direction between a pair of press rolls, which requires paper making dryer felt weight per square meter is moderate, reasonable structure. The square meter weight deviation of the paper mill felt is too large, so that the dehydration rate of the wet paper page drops, and the paper page easily generates the felt mark, and the other paper diseases such as wet paper page embossing and partial dehydration can also occur.

Compressibility of Paper Press Felt

Press felt for paper making must maintain a certain compressibility. When the paper mill felt is used, the pore volume is gradually reduced, and the capillary diameter of the blanket is gradually smaller. Consequently, the passage of the fluid flow and the permeability of the blanket are reduced, and the liquid resistance of the pressing zone is also increased. When the thickness of the blanket is reduced to a certain extent, the water filter of the blanket can not meet the use requirements, which indicates the end of the life of the paper press felt. The resistance to compression of the felt press machine is directly related to the stability of the blanket and whether it is steady or not.

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